Valentine Decorations!

Yesterday I was doing some work on my website and realized it’s been over 3 months since I made a post. Life just gets busy and time seems to fly by these days! I didn’t even get to share my Christmas decorations with all of you!

Today, I’m sharing a simple craft that I made using some old Webster dictionaries I found at the Thrift store. I liked the small size of them and bought 3 of them for this project. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of my step by step procedure. However, it’s simple to explain. I used some crafting paper and covered the spines of each book. Just cut the paper wide enough to wrap around the back and front and glue to the books with some Modge Podge.

For the front of the book, I found a vintage Valentine label and printed it off on regular copy paper to the size I needed. I adhered it to the top book using Modge Podge. If you don’t have MP, you can use any white glue.
To finish, wrap the books with a piece of twine or ribbon, your preference. I added a burlap flower to mine. I had purchased an entire bag of those for only 69 cents at the same Thrift Store.

This is how I have it displayed on my coffee table. Everything on this table has been thrifted. My most recent find was the chippy candle holder.

Another project I did was to print out some vintage Valentines that I found on Pinterest. I will post the link to my Pinterest board HERE so you can choose the Valentine for yourself since there are several posted there.
I printed these on card stock then cut them out. I bought this old wire brush at Goodwill for only .99 and used it to hold my Valentines. If you want to age the Valentine cards to make them more primitive, you can just use some distressing ink along the edges.

Thank you for stopping in today.

“The only people with whom you should try to get even with are those who have helped you.” -John E. Southard