I love the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls, it takes me back to the days when grandma baked bread every week.

Not just one loaf, but maybe 8 or 10. And she always made at least one pan of cinnamon rolls. She would cut off the ends and hand it to me, raw dough with butter, sugar and cinnamon…I still do that today.  I know it’s not the healthiest thing to do, but I do it anyway!

Maybe that’s why I love items from the past, like old utensils, rolling pins, cast iron skillets, glass bottles, rag rugs and crochet doilies! Makes me think of my childhood and my grandma!

You see, for the past 22 years we have lived in a parsonage (a house owned by the church).  When my husband, Dwayne, went into the ministry, we sold our home and took this journey into the unknown. I remember the day the moving company loaded the last box into the truck, I cried. I grew up just on this property, my dad gave it to us as a wedding gift, and now I’m leaving it forever! I cried as we drove away, I cried when we arrived at the parsonage. I couldn’t even bring our sons’ double bed, it wouldn’t fit into their bedroom. Thoughts of “how will I ever make this feel like our home” ran through my head.

That first night in our house, I didn’t go to bed until I had unpacked the pictures and hung them on the walls.  It was then I realized that the “things” I owned, the way I decorated, the familiar table top accessories, is what made this HOUSE our HOME!

I always get compliments on my decorating. People tell me my home is cozy; my home is inviting; my home makes them feel comfortable.  I want to help you make your home feel the same way.

My intention is to even show you how to create some homemade items or even share recipes! I want you to feel part of my family!

Peace and love from my home to yours,



In 2016, my husband retired from ministry and we bought our own home.  Finally, I can decorate how I want, when I want and without getting permission from anyone except my hubby and he doesn’t care what I do!  He tells me the house is mine and the yard is his…even though I tend to decorate out there too!  This is our little house!