I really enjoy November! You still get some nice sunny days and who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? I know a lot of people go from Halloween right into Christmas decorating, but I like to decorate for all the seasons.

So, I’m just going to share some of my favorite turkeys and my how I’ve decorated this year.
Some of these older turkeys were were my mom’s who died earlier this year at the age of 86.

Thankful banner is made from book pages and stick on letters from the Dollar Tree.
The Sebring Chantilly dishes were a $15 purchase at a church flea market. I have seen a set on eBay selling for $500.
They are from the 1930’s and trimmed in 22 kt gold.
I really liked the muted color of this set, found these at Goodwill.
These were my moms, wish I knew how old they were?
Another turkey I got from my mom. I have it sitting in a little metal cup that I found thrifting.
This turkey tureen is one of my favorites. I found it at a flea market for $14.99
I have it in my primitive dough bowl, it’s huge, so it takes big pieces to fill it.

Isn’t he handsome!
I made these roly, poly pilgrims. Not sure what year, but I would guess in the late 1970’s.
I bring them out every Thanksgiving.
This turkey is mounted on a vintage food grinder. I bought it a few years ago at 50% off at a Primitive shop near me.
The pilgrims were handmade in 1990, they are signed and dated on the bottom by the person who made them.
I found them at Goodwill and paid $1.99 each.
These are vintage Hallmark salt & pepper shakes from the 1990’s.
My hubby was a manager of Hallmark store for a few years and he bought them for me.
This turkey was my moms. The redware looking plate I found at a yard sale for 25 cents.
I used an old Home Interior votive turned upside down as a cloche!
Found this Happy Thanksgiving at a yard sale.
I paid $1 for this burlap cornucopia mat.
These cotton towels are a Goodwill find. They are new, I paid $1.99 for the pair and they were long enough and wide enough to make a curtain for my kitchen. I used cafe clips to hang them.
I made the leaf penny mat and the battery oil lamp was a purchase I made last year at a gift shop. I don’t often pay full price for things, but I did for this. I think it was $42, but I loved it.

I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the old bubble lights, but this is a night light I found at Goodwill, still new in the box.
It’s so fun to watch to bubbles.
I found this metal turkey plate at a yard sale and the timer candle was 29 cents at Goodwill.

Well, that’s all I have to share today. Thanks for stopping in and looking at my photos. I made a video home tour, but this platform wouldn’t allow me to share it. 😫

I leave you with this thought!