Splatter Screen Pumpkin Centerpiece

After watching a few tutorials using the Dollar Tree splatter screens to make pumpkins, I had to give it a try. I liked this one because it will stand up on its own.

I bought 3 screens with the handles. A tip I would do next time, that I didn’t do this time, would be to paint the screens before wiring them together.

Bend the handles back on 2 of the screens, as much as I wanted the underside of the handle to be facing down, it just didn’t want to bend that way easily, and I was afraid it would snap off, so I bent it with he underside facing up.

Take a thin piece of floral wire and wire the 2 screens together, then add the 3rd screen on top of the other two, wiring all 3 screens together.

At this point, it is where I spray painted mine white, but I would paint them before wiring them together, that way all edges of the screen are painted.

Now it’s time to embellish. I had this “thankful” metal saying that I had purchased last year at Dollar Tree. I spray painted it orange and hot glued it on to the screen. The leaves I bought today at Dollar Tree, there are several in a package, but there were only 6 that looked like burlap.

I had some burlap ribbon and cut a piece about 8 inches long, and pulling it at opposite corners, I started at one corner and wrapped it around the handle and put a touch of hot glue to hold it in place.
I like how it gave it a stem-like look on the handle, with little pieces stick out.

Here it is on my dining room table. I put a battery candle behind it.

I want to give credit to Robinson Repurposing for the idea, found her on youtube.

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