Plantation Syrup Bucket

Today is March, 10 so that means Spring is only 10 days away! It also is my only grand-daughter’s 8th birthday!  Did you know on the first day of Spring you can stand eggs up on their end?  Every year my son does this for her, hoping he can do all 8 this year!

Baleigh’s 5th Birthday!

Baleigh 5 bd eggs

Spring is also the time of year when they tap the sugar maples here in Western Pennsylvania.  While living in St. Marys, PA, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing how the whole process is done.  One of church members invited us over to watch her and her husband make the syrup.  It was very interesting, wish I had some photos to show you.  It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup! A very time consuming task, but the taste is soooo gooooood. So, I felt it only appropriate to make this maple syrup bucket!

I purchased this popcorn tin at Goodwill last week for $2.

Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

Being from Pittsburgh, I was just going to leave it as I found it and use it for as my popcorn bowl….oh yes, I could easily eat a gallon of popcorn!  However, I was inspired to do this label after seeing an old gallon tin with this label on it on a prim site I was visiting (don’t ask me which one, because I don’t remember agh)
After doing a google search, I found one I could use.


Since it was 9:00 pm before I decided to start this project, rather than spray paint the can, I used a sea sponge and some acrylic paints.

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

First, I dabbed a layer of black all over the tin,

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

except for the front where the label was going to go…no point in painting something I will cover anyway.

Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

After the black paint dried, I put some Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre and Raw Sienna on a paper plate.  I took the sponge and dabbed a corner into all three colors…don’t dab in the same spot, but try to get paint on 3 areas of  your sponge.  Then just dab all over the can. We are trying to make it look old and rusty.

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

While the paint is drying, I printed off the label and made a mixture of instant coffee and water (you just need a small amount, so 1 tsp of coffee to 1/2 cup of hot water).

I tore the edges of my paper label to make it look like it’s been around for a long time. I left the bottom edge straight.
Place the label on a cookie sheet and paint the label with the coffee mixture. Put into a 200 degree oven for about 5-10 minutes or until the paper is dry.

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

Once the label is dry, paint the back of the label with some Mod Podge.  Place the straight edge of the label even with the bottom lip of the can and smooth out any wrinkles.  You also want to make sure the label fits between the handles of your can. If some of your paint comes off the can, you can always go back and touch it up.

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

Now, paint the entire can with the Mod Podge. I used the Matte finish.
After the first coat of Mod Podge dries, you can do another coat to seal the paint.

There you go, now you have a gallon of Longwood Plantation Syrup!

 Plantation Sugar Bucket: Timeless Treasure Trove

I have seen these gallon paint cans and Lowes and Home Depot so if you want to make one you don’t have to wait until one shows up at the Thrift Store!

If you want to make one, here is the exact size label I used.  Longwood Plantation Syrup Label
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