Happy Fall Y’all

September 23, 2014

It’s early morning on the first day of Autumn, the sun hasn’t even risen, so it is still dark outside.  I know I have to write this blog today and the cool weather gets me in the mood to think about fall.  I love these kind of mornings, as I sit here in front of the fire, sipping a cup of coffee, and reflecting on the day ahead.

DSCN1406[1]As much as I enjoy summer, fall is my favorite season.  The leaves are beginning to turn in our neighborhood, squirrels’ cheeks are stuffed full of nuts, as they scamper across the road in front of me, in preparation for winter.

Thousands of birds are migrating south already, I’m not quite sure if that means we are in store for an early winter? Geese have been flying overhead in their V formation. If you listen closely you can hear them honking…giving encouragement to each other.

Encouragement– something all of us need in life.  It doesn’t matter if it is an encouraging card (some people still do send cards and when you get one it is so special) or a Facebook post, a squirrel: Timeless Treasure Trovetext message, it just makes you feel good to know someone is thinking of you!

Some of us need a little encouragement when it comes to decorating too.  Often times people don’t think they have the skills or they are afraid they make a mistake, but that’s how we all learn!  So start small, add some new pillows, a comfy throw or maybe a new table top accessory!  Even a rug can add warmth to a room.  Since I love the rustic look, braided rugs and penny rugs are some of my favorites.


I am back to blogging again, I hope you will come back and visit soon.  I will be putting together some videos in the near future.

Like everything in life…finding the time to do what you love is important!



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