Ham, Green Bean and Potatoes in the Instant Pot

My husband had a garden this summer and when the first crop of green beans were done, he decided to try a second crop, something he’s never tried before.  Today, he went and picked them, this time before the deer got to them!  I decided to make ham, potatoes and green beans for dinner tonight.  After washing and snapping the green beans,

I added the green beans, some ham that I had in the freezer, (left over from a ham we had a few weeks ago.)  Peeled and quartered 4 or 5 potatoes and add 1 Tablespoon of Ham flavored Soup Base and Food Seasoning.  You can usually find this near the soup flavorings in the grocery store. If you have ham broth leftover you can use that instead. Everything gets put into the Instant Pot all at once, add salt and pepper to taste!  I probably used 4-5 cups of water, enough to cover everything.  

Put the lid on, set the valve to seal and press the Manual setting and the time for 10 minutes! This is the finished meal. 

This type of meal is something I grew up on and one of my favorites.
My mom and grandmother made a lot of one pot meals.  

Call me crazy, but I like to mash the potatoes with my fork, add lots of butter and salt and pepper!  

Serve it with hot biscuits or rolls!

Thanks for stopping in today!