Fall Tour 2020

Well, yesterday was the first day of Fall! I’ll admit that I will be happy when 2020 is behind us and we can begin to enjoy life again without restrictions. I almost decided not to get out all my fall decor this year, but I needed a change and decorating makes me happy! 🙂 The weather has been cool for September and yesterday was only in the mid 60’s, so it was cool enough to get up into the attic area. It’s really not an “attic” more like a 1/2 story. I would love to one day replace all the old sheet rock and turn the one room into an extra bedroom.

So without further delay, I’m sharing some photos of how I decorated this year!

Some of the decorations are ones that I made. The pumpkin centerpiece on the coffee table, the wax bowl fillers, the pillow tuck and the 3 jacks in the firkin.

I made these “Rae Dunn” looking signs using Dollar Tree ceramic signs and my Silhouette.
Cast iron squirrel nutcracker! I found the little walnut at a yard sale for 10 cents.
I crocheted the cream colored pumpkin coasters!
Centerpiece is made from Dollar Tree 2 pumpkin wire frames and a piece of wood that I found at Goodwill . I zip-tied the frames at the top and stapled them onto the board.
This is a pumpkin penny rug I made a few years ago! In the upper right-hand corner is another crocheted pumpkin coaster only in orange.
These are called 3 Jacks that I made a few years ago. Pattern is from Chestnut Junction. Her patterns are so easy and they give you all the instructions you need.
I made the wax bowl fillers using a silicone mold I found at GW the other day. I had an old jar candle that had lost most of its smell so melted it and poured into the molds. Once they were solid again, I put in a ziplock bag and sprinkled it with cinnamon.

I finally finished up all my canning for the year and very proud of all that I was able to preserve from our garden. I used my Instant Pot to make all the Marinara sauce you see in this photo! I have the recipe on another post you can find it here.

Canned Good Pantry
Tomato sauce, green beans, beets, pickles, chicken, ground beef, jellies and jams!





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