Decorating a Prim Dough Bowl for Easter

Hello everyone, wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog. I think the last time I posted we were in the process of buying our retirement home!  We have done some remodeling and each week we come here, we load our van with “my stuff”.  At one point we had a mover bring up a bed, couch, chair, dining room and hutches.  I’m not going to post photos today….well maybe just one to give you a sneak peek!!  Braided rug was purchased at The Timeless Treasure Online store…

dining room


I really want to share with you today is this awesome dough bowl I found at our local consignment shop for $50…these can sell for $200 for one this size!  I have it displayed on my dining room table and now getting ready to decorate it for Easter. dough bowl

First, let me say that one of my new crafts that I enjoy doing is making melting wax candles and pouring them into molds. You can use any mold, even the plastic candy molds, which is what I used to make these bunnies.  While packing I found a whole bag of candy molds and was surprised to find the rabbit one that I didn’t even remember having it.rabbits

I melted the wax, poured into the mold, after it is solid again, pop them into the freezer for a few minutes and they will release easily out of the mold. I put some cinnamon in a ziplock bag and put the wax rabbits in them and coated them. Just gives them more of a primitive feel.

So this is my dough bowl on my dining room table.  I have the wax rabbits I made, the rabbit pin keep I also made, some eggs that I painted and gave a prim look, and even some eggs I cut out of an old quilt and grunged by dipping them in coffee and baking them in a low 200 degree oven until dry.12674927_10207498809700844_950216496_oclose up view of rabbit pin keep and quilt eggsprimitive dough bowl

The carrots wrapped with twine I made using a jump rope from the Dollar Tree.
You can find the instructions here
The round wax beehive I made using a clay mold..they are called “brown bag” molds.12018699_10207498810700869_1903087091_o

You may have noticed the rag balls…
I made those using soft balls I found at Goodwill for 99 cents
DSCN5337I ripped material into strips (was going to crochet a rug, but needed more material) so decided to wrap the soft balls.
I flattened the fabric to cover the ball,
(as you can see I tried painting them, but that project was a FLOP!!)12823190_10207498825021227_36918961_o

after the ball was completely covered,
I then folded it and finished wrapping it to give it more of a rag appearance.
12822779_10207498824341210_599111984_o Then pinned the fabric using a rusty safety pin.
On the one ball, I used the green underneath and the burgundy on top letting some of the green peak through.

12822628_10207498826021252_1066648059_o I have tried rusting my own safety pins and haven’t had much success,
so yes, I did pay $4.50 for a bag of rusting pins.

I know, frugal me… it was a real splurge!! haha
12516796_10207498826941275_2032131542_o I hope to be posting again on a regular basis!
Thanks for stopping by today!  It’s good to visit with you again!
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