Spring Cleaning and Decorating!

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Western PA and after a few dreary days, it got me in the mood for some Spring cleaning and decorating!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I enjoy seasonal/holiday decorating. I change things up quite often and today it was time to bring out the Spring flowers and some Americana for the next few months…at least until August when I bring out the BEES!

I’m not going to type much here, just going to show you some photos I took. After I took some pictures I decided to change things around, so see if you can notice the changes!!

I love our wool braided rug.
View from our foyer
I’ve had this birdhouse for years, I bought it at a yard sale.
The Electric fireplace was purchased at an indoor flea market, I paid $50 for it. We really enjoyed it this past winter and you can use it with or without the heater! It looks so pretty at night.
Ms Duck I bought at our church flea market. I offered $10 for it.
I bought the metal tin punched lampshade on Amazon after our love bird ruined my burlap one. She loved to chew on it.

Child’s toy phone I bought at an antique store and the lamp and bucket were both from Goodwill!
I paid $5 for the candle stick telephone! It’s a replica.
The antique tricycle was a birthday gift from my dear friends! They know me so well!! The corner desk was a $14.99 Goodwill find and I painted it. The Apothecary cabinet I got on clearance at Kirklands. Everything else was thrifted, except for the wool hooked rug on the portable desk. It was a kit I found for $4.95 at a resale shop…what a deal! Some of these kits sell for $60-$100!
A closer look at the hooked rug, my first time making one!
My home is a mixture of primitive and farmhouse style! I say, “do whatever makes you happy!”
I love this basket that I found at Goodwill. The bobbin table was a yard sale find.
I would love to have plantation shutters on this window so I could keep the curtains open, but for today I just have them pulled back to let in the sunshine!
A friend gave me the star scarf so I used it to drape the mantel.
This cabinet was a new purchase a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite pieces. The lamp on the barrel table was a Goodwill find, it is attached to a Longaberger peanut basket! I paid $6.99 for it, the basket alone sells between $35-$45.







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