Primitive Refrigerator Magnet

Hi, I’m here just to give you a simple and easy way to make a primitive refrigerator magnet. I’ve been watching several youtube videos of people making these using the Dollar Tree calendars. Unless, you saw this idea early, you probably won’t find any nice calendars left to make these.

I love the Primitive Past calendar or the Billy Jacobs ones. I had a friend make me 12″ x 12″ frames so I can use the pages of the calendar as pictures in my home…that’s another story though. So, I save all my calendars from year to year and on the back of the calendar you will find 12 small images of what the pages look like inside and that’s what I used for this project.

You will need to get some Tumbling Tower blocks from Dollar Tree or a small piece of scrap wood will also work. I cut out the calendar image I wanted and when I measured it with the tumbling tower blocks, I need 4 blocks. I hot glued those together.

I decided to paint my blocks black. After the paint dried, I hot glued the picture to the wooden block.

I then took some twine and hot glued it around the outside edge of the block.

You will also need a magnet to glue on to the back. Dollar Tree does sell these, but I wasn’t able to find them, so I bought mine at Ace Hardware.

I made a small twine bow and hot glued that to the front.

I also made one using the Dollar Tree Calendar, it was the Be Brave one that I had purchased a few months ago. It only took 3 tumbling tower blocks to fit it to the image.

Maybe this gave you an idea of what to do with left old calendars or even a new one you may have purchased. Since these images are on the back cover you can make them without ruining the calendar.

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