Primitive Craft Days

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. This year is half over already, and I don’t know about you, but after the 4th of July, it just seems like summer is almost over, when really it’s just beginning!!
I’ve been on a crafting streak that past few weeks and so I just wanted to show you what I’ve been making.
Some of the items like the fireworks and liberty bells are my own, the other patterns are from Chestnut Junction, BeanBrewPrimitives and Prims by Denise.
So let’s get started with this show and tell!.

Fireworks and Liberty Bells (my own pattern)
Watermelon slices (my own pattern)
Crow is from Chestnut Junction
Watermelon slices I purchased at a yard sale for a 50 cents each
Crows on watermelon
pattern from BeanBrewPrimitives
This is Bettie Bee
Pattern from Chestnut Junction
I also made the vinyl decals for my canisters using my Silhouette
Uncle Sam
The hooked rug was a kit I found at the resale shop for only $4.95. These kits are typically $50 or more and a finished piece could easily cost $80-100.
My first time ever hooking a rug, it was a lot of fun.
This was a first time project! I found images and then taped muslin to a piece of card stock and ran it through my printer. I’ve always wanted to try this technique, but worried about ruining our printer. It worked great, just be sure it’s taped securely at top and bottom.
(the civil war pic is my son, he does civil war re-enacting)
This flag is Pinterest inspired. I took 2 pieces of muslin, put a piece of warm and natural batting in-between and stitched from top to bottom to make the stripes. I added the blue material before stitching and stitched it in place at the same time. Then I painted the red stripes and coffee stained the entire piece, drying it in the oven at 250 degrees.
I found a twig in the yard for a hanger.
I think this is my favorite one of all, long neck gourds. I love how they turned out.
Sunflower that I made and placed on an old bed spring.
More sunflowers, the ones in front I used a canning ring, the taller ones the back, I sewed and used sticks from the yard as stems.
Last is this Amish Rag Rug I made. I have crocheted rag rugs, but never did the Amish method.
I had to watch several youtube videos to figure it out, but once you get started, it’s easy!