How to Make a Two-Tier Tray

I have been wanting a two-tiered tray for some time now. I don’t have an island in my kitchen so only a two-tier will fit under my cabinets. Maybe you are in the same situation? Every time I go online to look, and I find one that I really like, the price is just ridiculous! I can’t justify paying $50-$90 or more for one. I’ve also watch a lot of Youtube videos making one from the Dollar Tree pans and a candlestick. A few times, I’ve put the items in my cart and then I put it back thinking I’ll find one at a resale shop or something. (I guess the real reason is because I already had everything I needed at home. LOL )

Today, I was in my basement craft room and happened to notice the stainless steel Lazy Susan I put down here to hold some of my crafting supplies. I even used it a few years ago and put some red/black buffalo check paper in the middle to dress it up, but it still looked like a Lazy Susan.

I know Walmart still sells these Lazy Susan’s they are around $17.00.

So, with a little Waverly white chalk paint, I painted the Lazy Susan. It took 3 coats to fully cover the stainless steel. (I forgot to take a picture before I distressed it).

I had seen someone make a tray using cheesecake pans and I had 2 sizes in my pantry. One of them fit perfectly inside the rim of the Lazy Susan.

I ended up spray painting the cheesecake pan, because my chalk paint was a few months old and it was kind of thick…I had to add some water to it, so it wasn’t coming out as smooth as I had hoped.

After the paint dried, I took a make up sponge and some black craft paint and outlined the rims and added some chips to make it look like black enamel.

I’m really pleased how it turned out, I’m still playing around with what to put in it.

For now, I have some Santa cups. The little thermos I found at a yard sale this past summer for 25 cents. It’s from Avon, they are selling on eBay for $9.99 so that was a great find!
The owl is from last year’s Christmas decor from Dollar Tree.

I put a little tree inside a white vintage jar, it’s about the size of a Vick’s jar. When I did some research on it, it probably was a Mentholatum White Milk Glass Jar.

The straws and little mason jars are from Dollar Tree. I made the cocoa sign using a blank from DT and my silhouette. I think I want to make some vinyl words for on my jars too. I have some of the DT red/white twine that I could put around the jars. I’m sure I’ll be changing and adding some things as I look through some of my Christmas decorations!

Maybe you’ve been looking for a two-tiered tray and this will inspire you to make one of your own.

As we enter the Christmas Season, I wish you Peace and Joy!