How to Make a King Size Headboard

Recently, we upgraded our queen size mattress to a king size!  You know how that goes, as you get older you need your space!!  And, when I say king size I mean high too! I don’t know what I was thinking when I purchased this mattress, it was on sale, and well…a girl can’t pass up a sale can she?  Not only is it high, but now I have the problem of not having a headboard for it!

On my 25th wedding anniversary, my hubby bought me my dream bedroom suite!  For the first 25 years of marriage, we used my mom and dad’s old bedroom set that they got when they got married in 1952.  I think it was time for me to get my own.  I wanted oak and I wanted a sleigh bed and that’s exactly what I got!!  Now, the sleigh bed isn’t going to work with this new mattress.

When I priced out a King Size oak sleigh bed, it was around $2,000!!!  I don’t have that kind of $$$$ to spend right now, needless to say, I was very disappointed until I happen to see this bi-fold door at a yard sale for $1.00, yep, 100 pennies!

King size headboard: Timeless Treasure Trove

 When I got this home, it sat in the garage for a few weeks until I could figure out how to attach this to my bed.  I really need hubby’s help and I just had to wait until the right time to ask. He’s not really into carpentry, but he puts up with me and my “bright” ideas.

It just so happened this bi-fold door measured 76″ long, the exact width of my king size mattress.

I also had this step ladder that a friend gave me and I was using it for a shelf, so all I needed to do was take it apart and I had my supports for the door.  They were just the right length. Boy, things are really looking up here.

King size headboard: Timeless Treasure Trove

A trip to Tractor Supply for some 4 nuts, washers and bolts and I will be all ready to put this thing together.

King size headboard: Timeless Treasure Trove

First, we had to measure where to drill the holes for the bolts to attach them to the metal bed frame. We did that by holding up the side supports ( 1 x 4) and marking the spot with a pencil. We did that on both sides of the bed frame.


Now you want to attach the door to the two support boards,  you might want to use a level to get it just perfect.

 King size headboard: timeless treasure trove







Once you get it level, use long screws to attached the door to the support boards.


Looks level to me!
King size headboard: timeless treasure trove

I added my antique bed light, a few pillows and that is my $1 headboard!


 A more recent photo with a different comforter!

finished room

Just to recap to make this headboard, you will need one bi-fold door, 2 -1 “x 4” boards approximately 4 ft tall. 4 bolts,nuts and washers, and 4 wood screws, a screw driver, drill and bit for drilling holes in the boards and a wrench to tighten the bolts!

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