Frugal Fall Decorating 2018

Next week is the first day of Fall, but I can never wait until then to start decorating!  The leaves are already falling here in Western PA!  Hubby even had to get the leaf blower out yesterday.  We get so many leaves from a big oak tree we have in our front yard.  Fortunately, he can start at one end of the yard and blow everything across our small road down on the embankment across from our house. We own the property so it’s ok, we aren’t blowing them into anyones else’s yard!

Which reminds me a cute story about our oldest son when he was 17 years old.

Back into 1992, we moved to a community in Jefferson County, PA.  We had two big trees along our street and the leaves would pile up along the road there and need to be raked up.  We lived on a street that went uphill, and our house was closer to the bottom of the street.  My husband told our son to rake the leaves and put them into a garbage bag.  It wasn’t long until he was back in the house saying the “job was done.”  We found out years later, as he told us this story, that he drove his car to the top of the hill and as he sped “fast” down the road towards the sidewalk where the leaves were accumulating, the wind from his car would blow the leaves up in the air and scatter them everywhere, mostly into the yard of the neighbor who lived across the street from us.  Now you can say that he’s either “lazy” or “smart”.
His motto: “work smarter, not harder.”  

So, I’m here today, just to show you some of my fall decorating.  I especially enjoy decorating my fireplace mantel and change it up every year.  This year, I decided to bring my Pumpkin sign inside and hang it in a place of prominence, so it makes a statement against the stone on the fireplace!
Pictures were taken during the evening so you can see the lights, which are candy corn lights I found a thrift store for $3. 

The lanterns on each side, I bought at Dollar General for $10 each.  They actually have an Edison bulb in them, but I didn’t have them turned on, they are pretty bright!

The mantel clock was new in the package at Goodwill for $7.
The birdcage and tall candle was a $2 yard sale find!
I’ve also been making mesh wreaths (my new craft that I’m loving). I made this one for Thanksgiving, all materials were purchased at the Dollar Tree (every item is $1) so, I spent around $11 to make this one, it has a chalk board pumpkin in the middle, that says,
“I’m thankful for. ____________” (you fill in the blank)  I like primitive decor, so I made this burlap wreath, but decided to use it as a candle ring for my dining room table. I added some tiny, battery-operated seed lights from Walmart, $3.98.
The Give Thanks & EAT block was $3 at Dollar General.

Burlap wreath

Right now I have this crow, mesh wreath I made on on my front door!

Crow Mesh Wreath

Moving back into my living room, on my round coffee table, I have this table scape.  Flowers are from Dollar Tree, they have cotton and feathers in them. The ruby mason jar was a 99 cent Goodwill find.

decorated coffee table

The chicken feeder I filled up with dried corn that my hubby bought for the chipmunks- just goes to show you, you can use anything for decorating!

dried field corn

The lantern was a $4 yard sale find and I added a flicker candle in it…60% item at JoAnn Fabrics.
So that’s just a little peek into my home, I hope I gave you some “frugal” ideas so your home can become “fabulous”!!!
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