Faux Primitive Old Fashioned Peppermint Sticks

A couple months ago, I started making mesh wreaths.  Something I always wanted to try doing and after watching several YouTube videos I decided to give it a try.  One video I was intrigued with was the Dollar Store Mesh Wreath, being the “frugal” person that I am, if I’m going to screw up making something it might as well be with something I bought at the Dollar Tree.  Amazingly, I found everything I needed, they do have an ample supply of mesh for all the holidays and they even have the wire wreath forms.
Just a one of the wreaths I made for Thanksgiving.

But, this post isn’t about making wreaths, it’s what to do with all those cardboard tubes that the mesh is wrapped around.
I decided to keep them, they are the size of candles and I thought, “one day I’ll trying making a faux candle or something from them.”  So today, I was down in my craft room and got to thinking about them and then it sort of dawned on me, they would make cute peppermint sticks.  I thought about painting them, or wrapping them with some red and white striped Christmas paper, when I happened to look into my stash of material and this red pin stripe jumped out at me.  Not literally, but it looks like peppermint sticks doesn’t it?
I took the tubes and rolled it across the material until the ends met, it measured 4″ wide.  The material was about 12″ long and I decided rather than cut it off and have raw edges I would have to hot glue, I would then just stuff the ends into each end of the tube. It worked perfectly.  After burning the skin off on my finger trying to just glue the tube to the material, that was a wise choice.
I have a box of these cardboard tags and “primed it up” with this Distressing Ink. Then with a Sharpie just write on the tag.  I decided to go with Peppermint Sticks 1¢.

I ended up doing 6 peppermint sticks and since I love collecting old jars, I found one large enough to hold all the peppermint sticks. I put them in the jar, added another piece of homespun material to go around the neck of the jar and added my tag.

This will go in my kitchen once I’m ready to decorate for Christmas.
So dear friends, if you are making mesh wreaths save those tubes and make some fake peppermint sticks.






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