Faux Bun Feet from Dollar Tree Pots

A few weeks ago, I purchased a square of faux grass at Hobby Lobby to use for my Easter decor. I thought it would be perfect to hold my Lillian Vernon painted, wooden eggs I found at Goodwill for $3.99

I needed a tray or some sort of riser to put it on and decided to make one and I love how it turned out.

I already had the piece of wood that I purchased at Goodwill several months ago. When I was at the Dollar Tree the other day, I saw these cute little plastic pots in the St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

I thought they would make cute little “bun-looking” feet for my tray.

First, I removed the little handles that were attached.

Then, I took my piece of wood and measured in about 1″ on each side so I could make sure the pots were glued evenly.

Using a hot glue gun, I added glue to the tops of each pot and glued them onto the piece of wood. Be sure to glue the pots in about 1/2″ from the edges so you don’t see the top of the pots. Ask me how I know this? ?

After the pots are glued on, now it’s time to paint everything. I chose to paint my with Waverly chalk paint in Ivory.

I like the distressed look, so after everything was dry, I used a sanding block to distress the edges and also the pots that are now the “legs” of my riser.

I decided that I wanted to add a little embellishment to my riser, so I took some Dollar Tree Nautical Rope and cut it to size, and glued it around the pots just under the lip.

Here is my wooden riser with the Faux grass, wooden eggs and I added an Easter bunny (another Goodwill find) that I had painted an ivory color.

I love how this turned out and having the grass on this wooden riser makes it more eye appealing, besides being able to move it and not have the eggs rolling off! lol

Wooden bun feet can be expensive–$10.76 for this one.

If you don’t have a piece of wood, you certainly could use a rectangular tray from the Dollar Tree and paint it to match.

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