Fall Home Tour – 2019

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. It’s God’s masterpiece! I love the cooler temperatures, the sunshine as it glistens off the colorful leaves on the trees. It’s fun to watch the chipmunks scurrying about collecting acorns for winter! Hot apple cider and let’s not forget about pumpkin spice!

Today, I just want to show you a glimpse of my home in the evening. I love timer candles…I use them all year long, but with the shorter days, I get to enjoy them longer!

View from my recliner in our living room!
View from our foyer
The mantle was a consignment shop find !
My saltbox collection

Dining Room
The white pumpkin, owl, corn candlestick and white pitcher were all Goodwill finds.
The white gourds I paid $1 each, the owl salt and pepper shakers were from Dollar Tree.
Found these wooden candy corn for $1 at a rummage sale!
The crow with witch hat is one of my favorites!
Marigolds are about the only flower I can grow, but they are perfect fall colors!

Lambs ear and marigolds

Found these flame lightbulbs at a yard sale for $3. The lady said they didn’t work, but I found out you need to flick the light switch twice to turn them on.
Or they can just be a solid light!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my home tour! I realize it’s nothing compared to some home tours I’ve seen, but not everyone has a designer home!
Happy Fall Everyone!