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Frugal Fall Decorating 2018

Next week is the first day of Fall, but I can never wait until then to start decorating!  The leaves are already falling here in Western PA!  Hubby even had to get the leaf blower out yesterday.  We get so many leaves from a big oak tree we have in our front yard.  Fortunately, he…

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Thinking ahead to Fall!

Today, I was out running errands and came across a yard sale. Woot Woot.  My first yard sale in over 2 years!!! When we lived in Cranberry Twp. there were community yard sales every week from May to August! I had to turn around and go check it out. She had some really nice things,…

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Fall Decorating For Your Dining Room Chandelier

It’s that time of year to get the fall decorating going. It takes me a while, doing one room at a time. Today, I worked on the Dining Room.  I don’t do much Fall decorating in here except for my table and my chandelier.  I changed it up a little this year because of some…

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