Dumpster Dive

My son Jason dug this out of the dumpster where he works and brought it home for me.  I was so excited, not just for the chair but that my son knows me so well and he’d knew I’d love this!

Vintage Office Chair: Timeless Treasure Trove

It’s a vintage wood office chair, the tag underneath says from Pittsburgh! After using my “magic” cleaner on it, it looks almost new!


One of the guys he works with said he would sand it and re-stain it if it was him. Jason said, “my mom will clean it up so it doesn’t lose it’s value!” Love that boy!

The first 3 back supports have not been cleaned, the 3 on the right have, notice the difference!


I shared this formula a year or so ago when I cleaned my kitchen cabinets. 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 white vinegar (apple cider works too) put it in a jar or spray bottle and shake before using. Use a clean rag to apply and rub into the wood and another rag to buff off any excess cleaner! This chair is so comfortable too!

 Vintage Office Chair: Timeless Treasure Trove

Side by side photos showing the difference.  Check out that shine!


People say the vinegar will hurt the wood, but think about lemon pledge or cleaners that use citrus, it doesn’t harm them. The oil also helps to add moisture back into the dry wood!

All those white spots left too…some of it was just dirt!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you will keep this in mind next time you come across a piece of wood that looks hopeless!


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