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Instant Pot Cinnamon Extract

A few years ago, I made my own Vanilla Extract. It took a few months (anywhere from 3-6 months) for the vanilla beans and vodka to blend into an aromatic extract that I could use in my baking!  I also made a few bottles for Christmas presents, but that meant planning ahead several months in…

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Instant Pot Cheesy Ranch Chicken

We had our first cold snap this morning, temperatures were down to 33 degrees!  I love fall and the brisk mornings that I can turn on the fireplace and have my morning cup of coffee!  I was up before daybreak and I enjoy the quiet time in the morning, don’t you?  Sweetie Pie is our Peach-faced…

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Sunday Pot Roast in the Instant Pot

Sunday dinner at my grandma’s was always Pot Roast and it’s still my “favorite” meal to eat! Honestly, if I was asked what my last meal would be I’d ask for pot roast.  I used to do it in the oven like grandma, then I started using the crock pot, putting the roast in frozen…

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Ham, Green Bean and Potatoes in the Instant Pot

My husband had a garden this summer and when the first crop of green beans were done, he decided to try a second crop, something he’s never tried before.  Today, he went and picked them, this time before the deer got to them!  I decided to make ham, potatoes and green beans for dinner tonight.…

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Elderberry Jelly in the Instant Pot

When my husband and I were first married in 1972, I can’t believe that was 45 years ago, he would go out into the woods where we lived and pick me elderberries.  I would make jars of elderberry jelly to see us through the long, winter months– almost sounds like an episode from Little House…

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Happy Fall Y’All and Instant Pot

I can’t believe it’s September 22, 2017 already- First Day of Fall.  This past year has gone by so fast and it’s been 9 months since I last wrote a post. Holy Smokes! A lot has happened, in April I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  That meant having a complete hysterectomy, which was done laparoscopically…

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